Blogs December 7, 2017

A Letter to My People

2017 is coming to an end. I’m sitting here reflecting, marveling, humbled. Although very clichè, this year was a roller coaster. And if I can just be transparent for a moment…

Exactly one year ago, I closed my last transaction of 2016. I wouldn’t close another transaction for another 4 months – the end of March 2017. That means I had to stretch one month of income over four months without any real guarantee of another check. In terms of business, I almost died. I applied for other jobs, and was scrambling to figure it out. I pretty much swallowed my pride and conceded that I had failed at real estate. So, imagine how scary and humbling it was to have to go through this with my wife, who rallied behind me from the start, with my white flag and say, “sorry, we gotta scrape through and do something else.”

Little did I know what God had in store for me. Ninja Training has this adage, “don’t quit before the magic happens.” And I loosely hung onto that in my last-ditch time of desperation. And I prayed, “God, maybe if it’s your will, I can do two transactions a month.” Because faith is supposed to be big right? And that was big to me. So, I waited, and worked, and didn’t give up, and hoped and prayed, and believed. And then business started awakening and growing. And I kept serving my people. And it kept going and growing.

And now, from March to today, I’ve done 22 transactions. God answered my prayers and it didn’t feel supernatural, it felt like He was simply in control the whole time. And it felt like confidence.

But, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the outpouring of trust and love that my people/clients gave to me. I can’t overstate the fact that you saved my family. And by hiring me, you allowed me to keep going and refine. I am so absolutely humbled when I stop and think about where the year began and how successful it ended up being. Because I declared in March, that this year isn’t gonna be a good one. But it was, and it was because of your trust.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely mean it. You have my infinite gratitude. How do I say thank you to someone who’s given so much? I helped you buy or sell a house, but you fed and clothed my children. I can’t say it enough. Thank you and God bless you.